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Business Evalutation

Frequently Asked Questions about business evaluation in Massachusetts Divorces

Is it necessary to conduct a business evaluation?

An interest in a business can be a valuable asset and part of the marital estate.

How much will it cost?

This will depend if you and your spouse can agree on an independent business appraiser of if both parties need to obtain their own business valuation experts.

How will you help me with a business evaluation?

My law firm works with the best experienced business evaluation experts to help you find value and understand the value of a business and a part of the marital estate.

My spouse will hide the true value of the business?

Both parties are entitled to full disclosure in Massachusetts divorces. We work with you and our experts to ensure that you receive a fair opinion of your spouse's business value.

Who will decide?

If you are able to reach an agreement-the separation agreement-you and your spouse will come to an agreement on the value and division of the business, if not, the Judge will make the decision.

How will the Judge make a decision?

The Judge will make a decision based on the testimony and the reports of experts.

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